MGT 521 MGT521 Week 2 Learning Team Charter
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MGT 521 MGT521 Week 2 Learning Team Charter


MGT 521 MGT521 Week 2 Learning Team Charter

Create a project plan for each Learning Team assignment using the table below. Determine as a group, the Project Plan table elements .As there are Learning Team assignments which will require you to collaborate with your teammates to complete your assignments for the duration of this course, each team member has an opportunity to document how the team will achieve its assignment deliverables. To ensure full team participation, please complete the project plan to establish Learning Team guidelines for your weekly team assignments. Keep in mind that only those who participate in team discussions and contribute to the completion of the assignment will earn points. Note: On the title page for your Learning Team assignments, only include the names of the team members who contributed to the completion of the team assignment. Please refer to your Learning Team Charter to review learning team expectations .For each Learning Team assignment for this course, establish team guidelines by completing the table below. Learning Team assignments may not be due every week.  Please list the assignments due each week. If there is no Learning Team assignment due, list N/A in the category for the week.

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